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Post  Ms. Scaryface on Mon Dec 31, 2012 1:41 am

Name: Elodie
Nicknames: Ellie, Odie, Di-Di, Lady, Eddie, Ed, Ms. Scaryface
Gender: Female
Age: 4
Pack: Exodus
Rank: Alpha
Hunting Rank: Chaser
Breed: Infected

Personality:Elodie is a pretty cold wolf, perfering to keep to herself for the most part. She can be sarcastic at times, and always stubborn. She tends to deny help from others, though she is always one to offer it. She doesn't like to follow under others, prefering to take the lead. She is very aggressive, prefering actions over words. She's also easily angered, getting frustrated over the smallest things.

Coat: Long and white, mostly scruffy. She isn't lacking in speed and stamina, and she's moderately strong. Most of her disadvantages are mental. Her legs are long, giving her a taller look, though she isn't very bulky. She's quite lanky and slightly under-weight, giving her a more mangy apperance.

Eyes: a deep almond brown

Strengths: Running, chasing, swimming, strength

Disabilities: She can get massive head aches and her small amount of body weight brings disease. Her vision can get blurry when moving, though she can focus on somethings, it takes time for her eyes to adjust. Sometimes her hearing can randomly go in and out. She is frequently paranoid, and scares herself with what can be or could have been.

History: WIP


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"Elodie is a Lady" WIP 5elodi10

"Elodie is a Lady" WIP 3elodi10

Themesong: 'No Roads Left' by Linkin Park

'This is war' by 30 seconds to mars @ all wolves outside of Exodus

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