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Post  Rocco on Mon Dec 31, 2012 1:59 am

Name: Rocco ;-D
Gender: Male
Age: 3 years
Pack: Alpha
Rank: Trooper
Breed of NOVA: infected
Hunting rank: Chaser
Personality: There was once when Rocco was a sane wolf, determined and brave with a strong heart. Now he has gone mad for whatever reason, although hes good at hiding it. He can control himself but hes really just hanging on by a thread. The red brute loves the satisfaction of killing, feeling the sticky blood on your teeth and coating your paws but after the deed is done he feels terrible, guilt eating him from the inside and tearing him apart.
Rocco seems very polite at first glance, hes kind to everyone which is a way of him hiding his madness, hes ashamed of himself because of it. He wont go out and kill random wolves for fun but if he has a chance to kill with justice he wont hesitate and once you make him angry, your doomed. He wont hold back the madness, he has no self control when enraged though its very rare to see the male enraged because he always trys his best to flip conversation around and make them turn better.
Rocco although hard, stern, and determined has a very fragile heart. He can be insulted easily and hates to see anyone suffer. He hates to be hated and will often lock his words away when someone is angry with him.

Appearance: Rocco has a dark red, brown looking pelt. Within his pelt you can see streaks of gold and lighter brown, even some silver. Around his muzzle near the center is a silvery white ring and on the tip of his muzzle you can notice a change in his fur color, making it darker. His paws are completely white as well.
Rocco's eyes are what stands out the most. He is indeed a blind wolf with foggy grey eyes. They always look distant and never focus on anything.

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