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Post  Neiia on Thu Jan 03, 2013 7:00 am

So, you're battling for land, or something?
Read these.


-Cross novas get 5 dodges, Novas get 4 and Infected get 3. Just don't be a troll. Under some cases I will change this.
-No powerplaying. Seriously, even an infected cannot lift two wolves up in their jaws at the same time o.O Consider their strengths and disabilities.
-If one user does not post within a week of the fight happening, the other wolf gets the land automatically.
-The fight takes place in the land you'd like to claim.
-I will determine the weather/setting/etc
-I will start the fight thread stating the terms and rules. The fight thread will be named something like this "Smoogly of EXODUS vs. Silly of DAKOTA" just, with the proper names XD.
-Let the other person be able to dodge. Don't just go "He bit her leg and broke it". Give them a chance to do something.

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