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Post  Ocelli on Mon Dec 31, 2012 6:44 am

Ocelli, The Free Cute_l10

Name: Ocelli
Gender: Male
Age: 1 1/2
Pack: Dakota
Rank: Scavenger
Breed of NOVA: Cross Nova
Other bloodline: Gray wolf
Hunting rank: Scout

"Ocelli refers to the eye spots on the butterfly wings that's used in automimicry. "

Reliable- Ocelli will be there for a shoulder to cry on.
His positivity radiates off like light off of the sun. He has an unfailing ability
to trip at just the right moment or crack a horrible joke that would just set
the crowd on fire. Or, perhaps, annoy them to no end. Ocelli tries too hard
to cheer others up, but he does so because he cares- even if it's at his own
expense. His comical demeanor isn't due to his age though, he is in fact, very
mature and tries to be there for those who need him.

Honest- Maybe this attribute of his is to a fault. Sure, he plays jokes
and has fun, but he always lives up to the consequences: even if grudgingly.
Ocelli knows the power behind lying, and never has the heart to do so,
even in serious matters. Avoiding the truth however...

Sensitive- This is an understatement. It's very easy to make Ocelli
shut up, sit down, and stay. He's very aware of what goes on around him and
if somebody makes a snide or degrading comment, it's either provocation for his
Cross-Nova psychopathic anger issues or dwelling in the deepest pits of his sorrows.

Temperamental- Get him mad, and he will probably go just as insane as any infected.
This is his only noticeable side effect though, so just a word of advice:
Don't get him mad.

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