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Ekka's Biography Empty Ekka's Biography

Post  Ekka on Mon Dec 31, 2012 7:29 pm

Name: Ekka
Gender: Female
Age: Three years
Species: Nova/Timber wolf (Cross Nova)
Place Of Allegiance: Alpha
Position: Scrapper

Fur Color/Markings: Ekka's fur is a dark shade of reddish-brown, dark enough so that some may believe it to be black from a distance, but not so dark that it would indiscernible close up. There are some patches where her fur appears lighter, and she has some flecks of lighter grey fur throughout, but she has no really notable markings.
Fur Length: Ekka's fur is an average length for a wolf, although slightly thicker than normal (perhaps a side effect of her nova blood).
Scars: Ekka's front legs both have several scratches where the fur never quite grew back properly, and the pads of her front paws both have some scratches that look lighter than the rest of her skin.
Eye Color: Ekka's eyes are bright yellow.
Physical Build: Ekka is unusually small for a cross nova, barely larger than a normal wolf. She is, in nova terms, built for speed and agility, although not as fast or agile as a normal wolf. She is strong, but her strength pales in comparison to that of a full nova or an Infected.

History: Ekka was born wild, daughter of a nova and a timber wolf, both escapees from a zoo. She and her sister were raised almost solely by her timber wolf mother, their nova father having been shot and killed by a human soldier. Both Ekka and her sister were unusually clever, showing their mother new ways of doing things that had never occurred to the timber wolf's average mind. On the pups' first hunt, their mother tried a tactic that the pups had come up with that was too advanced for her to execute properly. She was injured gravely, and as the prey prepared to deliver the final blow, Ekka's sister rushed in, trying to save her mother. Both were killed.
A normal wolf pup would have perished in Ekka's place. But her nova smarts and abilities enabled her to survive on her own. She traveled the abandoned lab site for three years, alone. In her third year of life, she discovered an abandoned barn, where she made her home, and by chance, just weeks later, discovered the Alpha pack.
Personality: Ekka is a very reserved creature. She is polite, but cold and distant. She is very distrustful of both novas and Infecteds, but seems more comfortable around crosses than other beings. She is extremely intelligent and uses this to her advantage in all aspects of her life, from hunting to fighting. She does not like to fight particularly, but if she sees a fellow cross nova ganged up on by full novas or Infecteds, she will step in to help. She, being a cross nova, has no major disabilities, but she occasionally seems to have trouble speaking.
Strengths: Fast, agile, intelligent
Weaknesses: Strength, size, minor speaking issues, refuses to connect with creatures other than cross novas
Likes: Cross novas, hunting, using her intelligence to solve problems
Dislikes: Infecteds, full novas, fighting, seeing other crosses ganged up on
Fears: Being ganged up on by Infecteds

Crush: N/A
Mate: N/A
Pups: N/A
Friends: N/A
Foes: All Infecteds
Family: Dead


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Ekka's Biography Empty Re: Ekka's Biography

Post  Benic on Mon Dec 31, 2012 7:40 pm

Nice bio!
But if Ekka is a hater towards infecteds... Evil or Very Mad we'll see.....lol

i love your character's history :3

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